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Viktor Niemelä

About Me

I am enthusiastic programmer that appreciates solving programming problems and solving them the most efficiently way possible.

I enjoy working in most areas of programming. During projects I love to do something new or different than I am usually used to and have a new challenge. My biggest interest at the moment is AI and Gameplay, because it requires collaboration between Designers, Programmers and Artist, which for me is fun. AI is also a such large area of knowledge and to expand on, so it is always something new to learn.

Currently I am a Game Programmer Student at PlaygroundSquad in Sweden.

Expanding my knowledge of Unreal Engine, C++, General Programming and much more.


I am looking for a internship position from November 2023 to June 2024. Here you can see my Resume, my Professional Projects.

Stealth robbery game, where the player must steal required valuables from a house, meanwhile avoid the people and animals that lives there


AI and Safe interaction




Unreal Engine 5

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